Lesson Plan: Managing Remote Workers

Here’s the second of my lessons designed for online adult classes. This one is suitable for students in management positions who are upper-intermediate and advanced, and is focused on the differences between managing remotely and face-to-face. Download Slides: Lesson Plan … Continue reading Lesson Plan: Managing Remote Workers

Teaching Charisma

One thing I particularly enjoy about teaching business presentations is the opportunity to investigate the more unusual aspects of language. My students are typically advanced speakers, so they don’t need much in the way of vocabulary or grammar, but what they do need is to look at what they already know in a new way. To this end, I expose them to interesting speakers and a variety of presentations in order for them to watch the best (and the worst) and learn from them, even copy them.

The charismatic Ken Robinson

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Guest post: BESIG Summer Symposium 2012 report

On 16 June 2012 the Besig Summer Symposium took place in Paris. Unfortunately I couldn’t be there, so I asked Mieke Kenis and Vicky Loras, two people who were lucky enough to be present, to report back for me.

I was really looking forward to the symposium for various reasons. It would be my first ever Besig event, David Crystal was going to be the plenary speaker and the programme looked very promising. Furthermore I was taking a colleague of mine, whom I was going to introduce to some Twitter friends. The train journey from Brussels to Paris wasn’t long enough to tell him all about the benefits of a Twitter PLN 🙂

Mieke with Sue Annan

But what was most exciting was the prospect of finally meeting Vicky Loras. We had been talking to each other on Twitter for some time when one evening, a few tweets led to our collaboration on some of Vicky’s poems. It was just great I was going to see her live 😉

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Teaching Business People to Tie Their Shoes

Here’s a video I’ve been using with my business students. It uses a very short TED talk by Terry Moore, all about tying shoes:

What I love about his video is how he takes something so commonplace and mundane and makes his incredibly intelligent audience realise that they are doing it wrong. He does this with great wit and flourish, before ending with the moral of his story which is the real message behind his talk.

That sometimes a small advantage someplace in life can yield tremendous results someplace else.

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ELTchat Summary by Edith Occelli – How can you teach Business English with minimal experience of being in the business world?

The following ELTChat summary was written by Edith Occelli, but as she doesn’t have a blog of her own, I offered mine so she’d get the opportunity to share it with everyone. I’m sure you’ll agree that she’s done a fantastic job. You can follow Edith on Twitter at @EdithOccelli.