Songs In The Key Of ELT – Alphabetical Genre Song

This man is to jazz what I am to synchronised swimming

Music often turns up in course books, and you’ll normally find a dry and somewhat out of date list of music genres listed in the book. Even though I think that you can know about something even if it’s not your favourite subject, it seems from my experience that most students have little interest in knowing that rock ‘n’ roll is a type of music that was popularised by Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Elvis Presley (“Oh yes, of course! I’ve heard of him”, cry the students). Continue reading “Songs In The Key Of ELT – Alphabetical Genre Song”

Guest Post: Being Yourself

I’m delighted to welcome back Ania Musielak to the blog. Ania is a passionate teacher and teacher trainer from Poland who I have been lucky to see speak at international conferences. She is well known for her energetic and dynamic presentations, often speaking about her passions of drama and literature. Here she argues that in our teaching we shouldn’t chase the latest trends and that our lessons must reflect our personalities and strengths.

When I was 19 I started my driving course. All my friends already had driving licenses, some even had their own cars and they said that it’s impossible to function without that little piece of paper. So I did my best at the course, and whilst doing it had two minor accidents, broke my leg and went through a mild break down as I really didn’t like driving. It felt unnatural and forced and I really sucked at it!

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