Google Should…

A quick idea, inspired by these adverts made by, designed to highlight how different societies view the role of women. After having taught the model verbs, I think this would be a very thought-provoking way of putting them into context for your students. Continue reading “Google Should…”

My Life In 20 Lines – a simple storytelling activity


Here’s a simple idea for practicing the past simple with lower level students. I got it from Quora, a website that allows its users to ask and answer each other questions. Unlike other similar sites, you are required to sign up to get access, resulting in a higher calibre of contributions. If you’re interested in the big questions, I recommend signing up. Continue reading “My Life In 20 Lines – a simple storytelling activity”

Guest Post: Mieke Kenis on Raymond Murphy

I actually remember the first time I saw a copy of Raymond Murphy’s English Grammar in Use. I hadn’t been teaching long and I was sitting on a bus in Brasília, going from one class to another, when I spotted it. “Sounds like the kind of book I need to read” I joked half seriously to myself.

It then started to appear more regularly, as students would turn up to their classes with it under their arm, just in case their native speaker teacher wasn’t particularly au fait with the rules behind verb + preposition + -ing, although I’m not sure where they could possibly have got that idea… 😉

I really got an idea of the books success when I moved to Korea and saw the same piles of copies in book shops, just as I’d seen in Brazil, and I thought to myself “Man alive, I don’t know who this Raymond Murphy fellow is but I think he hit the jackpot.” Until recently, I still had no idea who he was. In my mind, he was a recluse, living in a solid gold house on a tiny Pacific island, surrounded by pots of cash, a bit like this.

To be honest, I think that says more about the state of my mind than anything about Mr Murphy…

Someone who has an altogether more well rounded idea about him is Mieke Kenis, known to most of you as @mkofab on Twitter. She had the pleasure of being his student 30 years ago and of being a guinea pig for what was to become the world’s English language grammar bible.

Here she shares with us of her memories of her summer in Oxford with the English language learner’s grammar guru…