150 ELT blog post ideas for when you’ve hit writers block

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I saw this list the other day, and I thought it was perfect for adapting for ELT bloggers. So I present, ripe and ready for your Pinterest board… 150 ELT blog post ideas for when you’ve hit writers block

  1. Product review – something you use in the classroom which isn’t a book
  2. Describe your perfect classroom
  3. Describe your perfect student
  4. Describe your perfect boss
  5. Invite someone to do a guest post (but only if they have a track record or you trust them)
  6. Tell us who you are. Who you really are.
  7. Top 5 resources
  8. A day in your life
  9. Or a day in someone else’s life
  10. Write about the ELT scene in your country
  11. An activity idea
  12. Top 10 blogs you read
  13. Wishlist – what would change about ELT if you could?
  14. What’s your favourite app to use in class?
  15. What’s your inspiration?
  16. How do use photos in the classroom?
  17. 5 go-to activities
  18. Describe project work with students
  19. Last minute lesson ideas
  20. What’s in your teacher’s bag? In other words, what do you take to every class?
  21. What’s on your phone, apart from apps, that you use in the classroom?
  22. Top 5 apps
  23. Can you use apps like Instagram in the classroom, or is it not worth it?
  24. Five things that make your students happy
  25. What’s your recipe for the perfect class?
  26. Is there a difference in teaching in the daytime to the night time?
  27. Blogging tips
  28. 20 Facts about yourself
  29. Quick & easy homework ideas
  30. Does it matter what you wear to teach?
  31. Songs you use with your students
  32. Fitness & health tips for teachers
  33. Have a clear out
  34. Teacher of the day / week / month / year
  35. Review of a conferencests work copy 4
  36. Places to watch webinars
  37. How you stay organised
  38. 5 Things you learned this week
  39. Seasonal post eg. favourite Halloween lesson ideas
  40. Do you have a routine?
  41. Teach paperless
  42. How to eat well quickly
  43. How you choose your photos
  44. Behind the scenes of your blog
  45. Why you started blogging
  46. An experience/story you went through
  47. An old favourite activity that never lets you down
  48. Tell us about a time it went wrong
  49. Disappointing things about teaching
  50. Monthly favourites
  51. Your teachers bucket list
  52. Favourite places to get away from work, online or offline
  53. React to another blog post
  54. 10 quotes you love
  55. The moment when everything changed
  56. The awkward student
  57. Top budget book buys
  58. A post about methodologies you don’t use
  59. Blogging goals or resolutions
  60. Favourite TV series’ for students to improve their listening
  61. What you did in your first year as a teacher
  62. How do you treat yourself?sts work copy
  63. A recent event you attended
  64. Is it different teaching in winter as opposed to summer?
  65. Blogging advice/your success
  66. How you promote your blog
  67. A personal post about something you deal with
  68. The unteachable student
  69. How you achieve clear instructions
  70. Favourite writing topics
  71. Campaign to change things for the better
  72. Interview a professional/blogger
  73. Professional inspirations
  74. Where should I work?
  75. Crafting in the classroom
  76. Things you’ve learned since turning __
  77. Gift ideas for teachers
  78. Currently trending
  79. A new release
  80. Working at home
  81. Places you want to teach
  82. How to develop online for free
  83. How to make a class go smoothly
  84. How to manage time
  85. How to stop your students from falling asleep
  86. Things to do when you’re bored of teaching
  87. Then & now pictures
  88. Your school experience
  89. Things you’d tell your younger self
  90. Guilty pleasures
  91. Book review
  92. Books to read
  93. Affordable software
  94. How to curb unhealthy habits in your teaching
  95. How to curb unhealthy habits in your students
  96. How to overcome writers block
  97. What is currently inspiring you
  98. How to teach ____
  99. Recently watched presentations
  100. What blogging has taught you
  101. Favourite stationery
  102. A before & after
  103. Find an influence from outside ELT
  104. Underrated & overrated ideas in ELT
  105. What does every student need to learn?
  106. Write something funny
  107. Write something in a different person’s voice
  108. 10 life lessons
  109. Job interview tips
  110. DIY activities
  111. Places you’ve traveled to in the classroom
  112. Highlight milestones, launches & important events
  113. Share a free resource
  114. Flashback post on your life
  115. The best advice you’ve receivedsts work copy 3
  116. Pros & cons post
  117. A diary entry
  118. An open letter
  119. A link roundup
  120. An FAQ
  121. A beginners guide to blogging
  122. Tips for improving your instructions
  123. What I learned from ___
  124. Your process for creating & publishing blog posts
  125. How to make money blogging*
  126. A free printable worksheet
  127. A comparison post (eg Dogme vs Demand High)
  128. Your blogging mistakes
  129. New methodology ideas
  130. Tell us a story
  131. A tradition of yours
  132. Products every teacher has to own
  133. Summarise an #eltchat
  134. The best ways to teach vocabulary
  135. Grammar – overrated or the backbone of language learning?
  136. Your workplace
  137. How you improved (or need to improve) your boardwork
  138. A new routine
  139. How to get ready for a class in 10 minutes
  140. A 5 minute activity
  141. Favourite youtubers/youtube videos
  142. Top 5 websites to learn from ____
  143. How important are qualifications, really?
  144. Let’s collaborate
  145. Thoughts on learning online
  146. How do you deal with new students arriving during a course?
  147. How to switch off and relax
  148. ELT specialities – have you taught something or someone not many people have?
  149. Why bother testing?
  150. Revisit and rewrite an old blog post

And don’t ever say you’ve got nothing to write about again!

*Let me know if you write this one 😉

Thanks to my pal Daniela Sanchez Medina for the drawings.


16 thoughts on “150 ELT blog post ideas for when you’ve hit writers block

  1. Ha ha!
    Can I add one? Write a comment about a blog post you’ve read!
    BTW, if someone DOES tell you how to make money off your ELT blog – share the secret please!

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