Your words matter

Consider this a friendly reminder…. I recently was able to get my hands on my old school books and I found something that I’d wanted to see for years. These pages were taken from a class I had when I was about 14, and I wanted to see if my memory was correct. It was. As you can see, this teacher decided that this was the best way to give feedback to my work. Hopefully I don’t have to explain how terrible this is, but something you might want to consider is why it is one of my strongest memories … Continue reading Your words matter

Download Of The Month: Borrow / Lend Poster

Here’s another useful classroom poster for you. I find my students often get confused between borrow and lend, particularly for with this common classroom request! Find out why I’m a big fan of classroom posters here. Continue reading Download Of The Month: Borrow / Lend Poster