Download Of The Month: Emoji Weekend Warmer

Here’s a quick, fun warmer that you can use with students of any age. You could also use it as a way to review past simple verbs. I got this idea from a talk I saw Lindsay Clandfield do a few years ago and it never lets me down, so I hope you like it too!


1. (slide 2) Ask students to try and predict what the person did this weekend based on the emojis. If you use the emojis on the powerpoint, pretend to be that person and encourage follow-up questions. You could change the emojis to reflect your own interests and then you can answer more honestly!
(Answer: taught / went online / played video games / cooked / watched football / watched TV)

2. If you want to do some language work, you could double check their use of past simple verbs, although if they are elementary I would skip this.

3. (slide 3) Ask the students to draw or write on their phones their emoji weekend.

4. (slide 4) Ask students to show their emoji weekend to their partner and guess what they did. Encourage follow-up questions.


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