(Almost) Infinite ELT Ideas: Yes/No Cards

(Almost) Infinite ELT Ideas was an idea originally conceived by Sandy Millin, and shared on her blog of the same name. In her words…

I will post a prompt for you to exercise your teaching muscles by making suggestions on how you could use it in class. All ideas are welcome – there are no wrong answers! Together we’ll build up a bank of inspiration for you to turn to whenever you’re stuck.

I always loved this idea, so I’ve decided to steal it for my own blog (with Sandy’s permission, of course!)

For this month’s idea, I present… yes/no cards!

These cards will be familiar to anyone who has ever been to a Brazilian steakhouse. If you are still hungry, you leave the green side up and they will keep bringing you food. If you are full or need a rest, the red side up will mean that the waiting staff will give you a break.

So how would use these yes/no cards with your students? Leave a comment below with your suggestion and in a few days, I’ll add a suggestion of my own.


5 thoughts on “(Almost) Infinite ELT Ideas: Yes/No Cards

  1. I’ve seen something similar used for supporting learners in class – they have one on their desk and can turn it onto the green side if they need help, or keep the red side face up up if they’re getting on OK.

      1. It’s there as a joke mostly (and obviously hasn’t been used this year really as we’re all at home!) I guess it’s the staffroom equivalent to the sign on my office door which says ‘Please come back later’, so I feel like as long as it’s used wisely, it’s fine.

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