(Almost) Infinite ELT Ideas: Mystery Objects

(Almost) Infinite ELT Ideas was an idea originally conceived by Sandy Millin, and shared on her blog of the same name. In her words…

I will post a prompt for you to exercise your teaching muscles by making suggestions on how you could use it in class. All ideas are welcome – there are no wrong answers! Together we’ll build up a bank of inspiration for you to turn to whenever you’re stuck.

I always loved this idea, so I’ve decided to steal it for my own blog (with Sandy’s permission, of course!)

For this month’s idea, I present… mystery objects!

The idea here is not that you talk about these specific mystery objects in the picture, but any weird items that your students might be confused by! How would use mystery objects with your students? Leave a comment below with your suggestion and in a few days, I’ll add a suggestion of my own.


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