Your words matter

Consider this a friendly reminder…. I recently was able to get my hands on my old school books and I found something that I’d wanted to see for years. These pages were taken from a class I had when I was about 14, and I wanted to see if my memory was correct. It was. As you can see, this teacher decided that this was the best way to give feedback to my work. Hopefully I don’t have to explain how terrible this is, but something you might want to consider is why it is one of my strongest memories … Continue reading Your words matter

What’s Talking For Then?

I’m an avid podcast listener and comedy fan, so the Comedian’s Comedian Podcast is one of my favourites. I find it fascinating to listen to comedians talk about their craft, and in one episode, the comedian Nick Doody was talking about his love for stand up and how it allowed him to talk about anything he wanted. The way he phrased it really resonated with me: Continue reading “What’s Talking For Then?”

TEFL Equity – A Reaction

#ds618 Equals

On May 20th a post that I wrote for the TEFL Equity Advocates blog run by Marek Kiczkowiak and Katalin Hári was published. In the article, I looked at the ways that non-native English speaker teachers (NNEST) have advantages over their native English speaking teacher (NEST) counterparts and argued against the continuing prejudice against the employment of NNEST’s by certain employers in certain countries. Continue reading “TEFL Equity – A Reaction”