My Talk At RSCON4

My co-presenters during RSCON4

I had the great pleasure of presenting at the RSCON4 conference on the 13th of October. It was an online global event highlighting “wow” moments in teaching and learning, and the entire conference was held online. I’d like to thank all of the organisers for putting together such an amazing event, everyone who came, and my moderator Malu Sciamarelli.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend many sessions as I was travelling, but I will always remember giving my presentation. I had to do my talk from a hotel room in the rainforest of Costa Rica, and five minutes before the start I was warned that there was a group of howler monkeys sitting outside the room! Twice during the talk I had to apologise to everyone for the noise, and make sure that they knew it wasn’t me screaming away at the top of my voice.

So if you’d like to watch my talk Making The Most of Reading including my monkey friends, you can find it here.

Presenting, jungle style!



6 thoughts on “My Talk At RSCON4

  1. Hi, James! Too bad I missed this rscon. I hope to join the next year rscon. And I hope you will be presenting again. Your talk sounds interesting. I teach IELTS reading. Thanks for posting this and about monkeys. 🙂

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