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ELT ELF ESL conversations

A couple of weeks ago Sandy Millin posted a list of all the topics of conversation she had discussed with her students that week. It included subjects as diverse as BlackadderThe Norman Conquest and Crimea, Russia and Ukraine, the last one not unsurprising considering where she lives. It reminded me of one of my favourite things about being a language teacher, which is that we can talk about anything we like. The only limitation is the language we discuss it in.

So here’s my list from last week – how would it compare with yours?

  • Football
  • The different nationalities of my students
  • Trolls (on the Internet)
  • Trolls (that live under bridges)
  • The bat that flew into my living room
  • The kind of holidays we like
  • Mexico City
  • People who live on lakes
  • Viral videos
  • The London Olympics 2012
  • The World Cup
  • Basketball
  • What it feels like when you play a sport anymore
  • Tulipmania
  • The English and how they compare with Costa Ricans
  • Video games
  • Different types of teacher
  • Painting and DIY
  • Arreglados
  • Football
  • … and many, many more things.

 Audio Version (not the same as the text!):


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